Zuhaitz is a digital design and web development studio with Head office in Madrid for entrepreneurs and all type of companies.

We do not use commercial templates; each design and development is unique and customized, it is our opinion that this is the value of a good brand.

A customized design helps the essence of everything you want to tell, be transmitted in the most direct way, and at a glance you receive the impact of the emotion intended to be transmitted. We work with ideas (images, trends, memories) to achieve a unity in the creation of this effect on the customer.

All the websites we create are responsive and therefore they adapt through the CSS method to all portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The CSS method helps the website be very well scored by the search engines. On having a unique and customized way of writing the PHP and Javascript codes the architecture is clean and fast. On top of that if we add to the above the characteristic to have a native link to the social networks, you will obtain a good score from the beginning in search engines such as Google. If computers are something unknown for your company you do not have to worry, we offer you everything you may need for future modifications through personalized video tutorials.

Zuhaitz | Digital Design & Code

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